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Jackson K.I. Akporero Ejiro is an ex-football player whose ambition to be a top-level player in Europe was cut short by a broken shoulder. Even though he came from a Christian home, during his playing career, he never stepped inside a church. Football became his God. After six years of recommitting his life to God, he was baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire in a 1998 Benny Hinn Crusade in Amsterdam, Holland; a prophetic revelation from Pastor Hinn in that crusade confirmed his calling as a minister of the Gospel. He is now a travelling evangelist, ministering that same fire that touched his life to transform the life of others.

Through his telephone ministry, people across the world have been affected. Some have received the impartation of the anointing. Others have experienced the immediate manifestation of the power of God, sometimes accompanied with open visions. They experienced the same fire, electricity, tingling, falling down, and other manifestations that normally happen in a church meeting or in a crusade setting. They received God’s touch thousands and thousands of miles away without any physical contact.